My Story

New York City born designer, artist and entrepreneur who creates handmade specialty gifts infused with love and care.

Two years ago I suffered an unfortunate accident, injuring both hands/wrists and my lower back/tailbone.  I have now regained some use of my hands, with medications and stretching and the help of a cane or crutches I manage.  I'm blessed with any use I have gained. 

Learning to crochet was just a small part of my creative childhood. Arts and crafts were a normal part of life with my artistic single mom. Custom handmade crochet party favors, sewing, baking, holiday ornaments were just a few of the pleasures I was a part of. Art, creativity and expression was the norm, as well as music of different eras and genres. Playing the flute, reading, crochet, latch hook, cross stitch, coloring, simple sewing, friendship bracelets, and baking filled my artistic childhood.

I have 2 natural grandchildren and 9 grandchildren from marriage and I feel blessed and motivated to make things for them.

An afforable gift shop with a passion for charity work for as long as I'm able. I use my gifts and talents for the good of different charities.

Please visit often as I enjoy creating whatever my heart desires and what my hands can handle!

Do what you love!